Discovering Repetitive Family Patterns

Ohana Generational Healing

When I mentioned to a counselor that  I was seeing, that I believed our family had been cursed, as the same issues kept coming up, over and over again, she did all but roll her eyes at me, as she explained that I was having obsessive thinking.   There was no such thing as a family curse~ nor could family members pass on the same experiences over and over again.  I left it at that, but the thought continued to nag over and over in my mind.  

Like every family, we have our share of issues~~ the areas that bring deep shame, the ones we feel guilty about, the experiences that still have us counting to 10 so we don’t lose our temper.   That’s what family is all about, right?

So often, we get so caught up in our own experiences, that we don’t connect the dots to what our family…

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I am a mom of 4, a stepmom to 3, and a Mimayo (celtic for grandma) to one. I am a mompreneur, running a business from my home, specializing in healing and intuitive guidance for others. My passions are my business, my family, music, chocolate, and 'real life issues'.....there's nothing I love more than talking about the deep stuff...the stuff that no one else wants to acknowledge. I am always on the lookout for the deeper spiritual meaning in all things~~ daily life, movies, music, books, what's happening in the world... and that's what I will be writing about. Welcome <3

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